Vehicle 2


The vehicle-applet lets you "drive" a very special verhicle. To start driving, you have to wait, until it is loaded and then activate the applet by clicking it with your mouse. Then you may use the following keys to control it:

CURSOR LEFTdrive left
CURSOR RIGHTdrive right
CURSOR DOWNdive (in water)
CURSOR UPfloat to surface (in water)
srotate turret contra-clockwise
frotate turret clockwise
dfire the "rope" using the turret; press again to "cut" the rope
eshorten the rope (pull)
clenghten the rope
1switch to rope #1
2switch to rope #2

You can use the rope to pull the car up the walls and "climb, it's kind of a "grappling hook". In fact, there are two grappling hooks (key 1 and 2 to switch) - if you use them together, you can get almost everywhere. Trying to go through the level with only one grappling hook might be a bit tricky.

A new feature is water: You can swim and dive. Like a submarine, you can change the "density" of the vehicle to make it dive into the water or let it gently float to the surface using the CURSOR UP and CURSOR DOWN keys.

You can not "win" the game, but you can try to reach the area with the writing "goal" as quickly as possible!