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About this website

This website has three target-groups: The people that pay me money (clients), the people that visit my website looking for entertainment, games and effects (international) and friends (personal information). This is my 8th website.

The first one was quite usual and classic, consisting only of HTML and some java-script.

The second one was better, it had a unique design and used a java-applet. The disadvantage was, however, that the navigation was quite boring, and that it only worked on Internet Explorer.

The third website had full cross-browser-support and a navigation-system that based completely on java. I tried to realize a simple and logical navigation that looks good as well and contains simple effects like fading. That website, however, was quite dark, so I decided to design the...

Fourth version: I implemented quite complex "special-effects" to enhance the navigation to compensate the calm and simple look.

The fifth website had a completely new concept: the entire site based on ASP and a database. It was possible to maintain the website in a very comfortable way.

In the sixth version, I used PHP instead of ASP. I implemented a web-interface (a content-management-system (CMS)) that makes it possible to update and maintain the website from any computer with internet-access. The navigation is highly efficient, simple and fast. Usability had top-priority. I translated everything into English, because I discovered that most of the visitors on my page are from abroad. It makes me a bit nervous that my English is not as good as I want it to be, so I would be happy to receive corrections and "bug-fixes"! The CMS-system is flexible and can be adapted to any design in a couple of hours, so if you are interested in it, let me know!

In version number seven, I used an improved CMS-system which is called "Websolution 2". It has many improvements like an automatic creation of thumbnails, backup-system and much more.

Website number eight, the version You are looking at right now, bases on the new version 3.5 of websolution. Maintenance is simpler and more powerful at the same time.

Some of the old websites are partially still online, you can find them in "Effects, Games, Tools" -> "Tools" -> "Old websites". I say "partially" because I deleted most of the content to save disk-space. Of course, most of the "old content" is still present in this version of my website.

grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element