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How to make a level for Vehicle

You can make Your own levels for Vehicle. I will now explain how that works. In case You have not downloaded the vehicle-applet yet, do that now using the link "Download .zip".

The most important thing to know is that there are two different images. The functional image is responsible for the way the level behaves and functions, The visual image determines the way the level looks. If you download the vehicle-game, You will find those two images: LevelLong_g.gif is the functional one, and LevelLong_c.jpg is the visual one.

The functional image:
You have to use GIF as image-type because only 3 colors are needed. But the 3 colors have to be very precise. For the "air" use a "perfect white", for the "water" #A9D3FF (Hex) or 169-211-255 (Red-Green-Blue). For the ground use #A26830 (Hex) or 162-104-48 (Red-Green-Blue). You can of course pick the colors from the existing image if Your software supports that. To minimize the file-size, save the image as a GIF with only 3 colors.

The visual image:
Use as many colors as You want for this and save it as JPG. Do not make the quality too good to minimize filesize.

Please note that both images need to have exactly the same size! Now place both images into the directory where the jar- and the html-file already are and replace the original images or simply change the parameters in the HTML-Code that specify the image-names. The parameters are called "Bild" for the functional image and "Bild_c" for the visual image.

Do not forget to tell the applet how big the images are: Use the parameters "Bild_w" (width in pixels) and the "Bild_h" (height in pixels) for that. Now the last thing You have to do is to define where the starting point of the vehicle is. Use the parameters "StartX" (horizontal, left=0) and "StartY" (vertical, 0=top) for that.

That is all! You do not need to change the other parameters, they are quite complicated. Please let me know when You made a level so I can put it on my website. Do not hesitate to contact me if You have questions!


grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element