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Day 2: Las Vegas

The highlight of this day was the show “O” (Cirque de Soleil) at the Bellagio. It was very expensive, but also very impressive. After the show, we wanted to shoot some pictures of Vegas’ famous nightly illumination, but just after setting up the tripod at the fountains of the Bellagio, we realized we forgot the camera’s battery in our room back at the hotel. So we ended up without a single night-shot even tough we stayed a day more than planned. Plus, we did not see the Fremont Street Experience. A bad start, but hey, we did not come to Vegas because of great interest into this city, just because it was the cloest airport to our first actual goal! :)
Thumbnail Soth Point Casino
This was our hotel for the first two nights. It quite a bit south of the famous "Strip", but I did not really care and the prices were OK. The room-size was impressive, but later we realized that that is just normal in the States.
Thumbnail Gambling?
We did not win or loose a singel buck, for we did not play at all. However, watching the insanity happen around us was fascinating and amusing. :)
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