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Thumber is still under contruction, but part of it is working already. It is a thumbnail-based image-viewer. When it is finished, it will feature more effects and it will open full-size-images in a pop-up-window.
Thumbnail Thumber - small
Move your mouse over a small thumbnail to zoom up the full-size-thumbnail. Please allow some time for loading.
Thumbnail Thumber - big
Same applet, new parameters: This time bigger images. Now You have to click on a small thumbnail to zoom it up!

You can download a version of Thumber that includes a link to my website. You can add your own images, change all sizes etc., but the parameters are not so simple and I do not have the time to explain them in detail for now.

Please contact me if You want this applet or something alike!

grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element